We are proud to introduce our blog – The Beautiful View

By Mr. Michael Eanes

Beauvoir (and our new blog!) is aptly named – for 85 years, Beauvoir’s beautiful view of learning has been instrumental in the lives of so many children and adults.

In my tenure as Beauvoir’s Interim Head of School, I’ve seen countless examples of what makes the school so special – a rich academic program that is guided by the Beauvoir “life rules” of kindness, respect, responsibility, and honesty. We walk across these engraved words in our foyer every morning and again in the afternoon, and they are alive and well in all aspects of school life.  Whether it’s in a math lesson, the lunch room, a community service project, chapel, or our Global Studies curriculum, the life rules guide our students’ learning and their understanding of how to contribute to and thrive in the world around them. How exciting it is for me to spend time in classrooms, to greet engaged students and families, and to work with talented educators who live these rules authentically and enthusiastically in all they do.

I always say what a privilege it is to walk through the doors of Beauvoir every day – and into the art room, science lab, gym, playground, library and beyond. With this blog, we will bring you along. We will share the moments, big and small, that make Beauvoir so special – not only the work we do in the classroom, but also through the voices of the deeply dedicated community of educators, families, and school champions who support our students and help the school thrive.

Our first Head of School, Elizabeth Glascock Taylor, held a philosophy that guided the founding of Beauvoir: We must inspire our children “to learn the joy of work well done.” This holds true today, and will most certainly hold true tomorrow.

We look forward to sharing our beautiful view of learning with you here. Thank you so much for your company on the journey.