Beauvoir Team Attends Diversity Institute

This week we were so pleased to send ten Beauvoir faculty members to the NPS Diversity Institute, featuring Rosetta Lee. Rosetta is both a teacher and professional outreach specialist at the Seattle Girls School. Since 2004 she has been a diversity speaker and trainer and has worked with over 200 K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. Rosetta has served for several years on the faculty of the NAIS Diversity Leadership Institute as well as on the NAIS diversity think tank cadre, Call to Action. She has been a frequent presenter at the NAIS People of Color Conference as well as a trainer/facilitator with the National Coalition Building Institute.

Our team learned about the ages and stages of early awareness of difference; discovered developmentally appropriate activities, lessons, and units of study on issues of diversity and inclusion; collaborated with and learned from educators at others schools; and gathered practical resources to further the diversity and inclusion work here at Beauvoir.

Many thanks to our friends at National Presbyterian School for hosting! We very much look forward to sharing what we’ve learned with Beauvoir colleagues, families, and students.



Photo Credit: Tara Montague