Learning After Beauvoir: Top 5 Tips for Finding Your Child’s Next School

By Bethany Dickerson Wynder, Director of Outplacement and Community Outreach

Are you and your child exploring next educational steps after Beauvoir? Perhaps you are curious about other schools and finding the best “school fit.” Since the school year has just started, we thought you might appreciate some additional guidance and reminders as you and your child think about potential educational options after Beauvoir. If you are considering private schools, our Beauvoir team will want to start working with you a year in advance of the next school year.

Below are “Top 5 Outplacement Tips” for navigating the admission season over the next few months:

1. Think about what kind of school is the best match for your child and family.

  • Academic and enrichment programs.
  • Family values.
  • Co-ed or single-gender.
  • Location.
  • Religious or secular school.

2. Make a list of private and/or public schools to research and do the research.

  • Consult with Beauvoir leadership team, friends, neighbors, etc.
  • Do an online search – many schools use websites and social media to engage with prospective families.
  • National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).
  • AIMS – Serving Independent Schools in Maryland and the Nation’s Capital.
  • School fairs.

3. Assess your finances.

  • Identify what your family could invest in an independent school education.
  • Become familiar with schools’ financial aid processes.
  • Note and adhere to financial aid application deadlines.

4. Register for an open house and/or tour and attend Beauvoir Fall Coffees.

  • Visit schools as early and often as you can – there is no substitute for seeing classrooms in action!
  • Build and/or enhance your relationships with respective school admission officers.
  • Ask lots of questions to gain as much clarity about a school’s educational approach, philosophy, and culture as possible.

5. Narrow down your list of schools, know your deadlines, and start applications.

  • Set aside some uninterrupted time to apply to multiple schools.
  • Most independent schools have an online application and/or use Ravenna – an online admission portal – that requires one to set up an account first – a recommended starting point.
  • Complete each application and tailor your answers to signify that the school is a good match for your child and family.

To assist you during the outplacement process, consider attending our first-time outplacement event open to all Beauvoir families, “What Does Best ‘School Fit’ Mean?” on Wednesday, September 12, 8-10 a.m., at Beauvoir in Taylor Hall. You will hear from the following early childhood educational experts and other parents who will provide additional guidance and insights as you chart your child’s educational path:

  • Jennifer Danish, Parent and Head of Grace Episcopal Day School
  • Maria Zimmitti, Ph.D., Parent and President and Founder, Georgetown Psychology Associates
  • Lisa Ellis Williams, Parent and Educational Consultant
  • Jeanie Carr, Parent and Educational Consultant
  • Elizabeth Eastwick, Parent and Beauvoir Third Grade Teacher
  • Michael Fauntroy, Parent of Beauvoir alums

Know you can count on Beauvoir to partner with you and your family to ensure that your child is well-positioned for success at the school that’s the very best fit!


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