Friday Friends

Families may have noticed something new in our lobby during arrival and dismissal – daily notes from our Head of School, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn. Here is what she shared with us today:

Dear Friday Friends,

Happy weekend! It’s been a super week. I noticed that many of you have been practicing our Life Rules in your classrooms this week: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Kindness. I hope that you have been using these both at school and home – keep it up!

I am looking for some kind friends who might be able to help me. I hope to understand what makes Beauvoir special for our students, and I invite you to write your feelings down or draw a picture so that I can learn more from you! My office is located behind the front desk, so please stop by to visit when you are ready to share!

See you on Monday.


Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn

As our first full week of classes comes to a close, we wanted to share a few of the smiling faces that greeted us this morning. From all of us at Beauvoir, have a safe and happy weekend!

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