Lunchtime Lessons

Beauvoir teachers intentionally create classroom communities and cultures that support children’s intellectual, social, and emotional growth. In keeping with these goals, our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students eat lunch in the classroom – creating a home-like feeling and helping our younger friends have fewer transitions during the school day.

Our lunchtime activities are grounded in our Life Rules of kindness, respect, responsibility, and honesty. In many classrooms, there are student jobs, including lunch helpers, table wipers, and sweepers. These jobs rotate on a daily or weekly basis, so that every child has the opportunity to take responsibility for their classroom at multiple points in the year. The lunch helpers assist the classroom teachers and lunch buddy teachers set the tables and serve the food, and table wipers and sweepers help to clean up the classroom after lunch.

During lunch, each student is given all parts of the meal (of course, accounting for any allergies) and are encouraged to try the ‘Beauvoir Bite,’ which is a food they may not normally eat or have never had before! Students are also encouraged to talk with their teachers and tablemates, often using the Chow Chat question of the day. Today’s question: “What song makes you the happiest?” (Your trusty blog writer is having a very difficult time picking just one.)

After lunch, students are responsible for cleaning up their own area by scraping their plate and putting everything into a bin. We encourage students to be responsible for their dishes at home just like they are at school. Setting the table and cleaning the space helps our students develop responsibility and independence – all while enjoying a healthy, happy, and delicious meal with their friends.

Happy eating, Beauvoir!

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