September 24 Morning Message

Every school day, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn posts a Morning Message on the screen in our lobby. These notes are filled with fun facts, activities, and ideas that our friends can take with them during their days at Beauvoir. We love seeing families read these messages together, especially first thing in the morning! Starting today, we will also be posting these messages on our blog with the tag “Morning Message.” (If you’re here, you’re in the right place!) We hope this is helpful for those families who aren’t always in the lobby during the day or who want to revisit the messages at home. Happy reading!

Dear Beauvoir Friends,

I hope you had a nice weekend. I traveled to Virginia to watch my nephew play football. Do you have favorite sports or games that you like to play? My favorite sport to play is volleyball and my favorite board game is Scrabble.

Did you know that around the world people play many different games and sports? Many were invented by accident, when people discovered new ways to entertain themselves with objects found in nature. Can you match the objects below with the activity they belong to?

Have a great Monday!


Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn