October 4 Morning Message

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow will be the start of a long weekend! We look forward to seeing you back next Tuesday, ready to rejoin your friends and teachers. Did you know that October is nationally recognized as, “I’m just me because…” month? It is one of many special times throughout the year when we can be reminded that we are all unique and our differences should be respected and celebrated. Beauvoir is so lucky to be surrounded by a rainbow of people who add something special to our community. I decided to make a list of my personal gifts that make ME something to celebrate:

I’m just me because

  • I need to wear glasses or contacts at all times in order to see better.
  • I was born in Minnesota and have lived in six states (Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Maryland, D.C., Hawaii).
  • My family heritage is a combination of African-American, Cherokee, and Irish.
  • I have two adopted children who bring great joy to my life.
  • I schedule frequent “brain breaks” during the day in order to be my best as both a teacher and learner.

How would you complete the statement, “I’m just me because”?

Enjoy your day,

Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn