October 16 Morning Message

Good morning, Super Sleuths!

Did you know that today is National Dictionary Day? The first dictionary was written in 1806 by a man named Noah Webster, who thought it was important to place words in a special book so that people would know how to spell, write, and define them. It took him 27 years to write this helpful book that now sits in schools, libraries, and homes across the world. Can you imagine how much focus and patience Noah must have had to finish writing the dictionary? Where do you think patience and focus come from? How do you practice patience and focus at home and school?

Here are today’s clues that might help you guess where I have traveled this week. Most of the clues have something to do with the number 7!

  • I am in the seventh longest state in the U.S. (measuring north to south).
  • There are seven letters in the name of the state.
  • There is a bridge in this state that is seven miles long.
  • Here is a photo of something interesting that I spotted near my hotel.

Tomorrow when you come back, the mystery state will be revealed, so keep your eyes peeled!

Good luck all sleuths!

Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn