October 17 Morning Message

Dear Friends,

I am so happy to be back at Beauvoir today. You were missed! I am wondering if you were able to solve my traveling mystery. As a reminder, here are all of the clues you received on Monday and Tuesday:

  • I traveled south by plane to get there.
  • The weather at my conference was very hot and I did not need a jacket at night.
  • I did not leave the country.
  • Here is a photo of something I found near my hotel:

Bird of Paradise flower

  • I was in the seventh longest state in the U.S. (measuring north to south).
  • There are seven letters in the state’s name.
  • There is a bridge in this state that is seven miles long.
  • This is a photo of something that I spotted near my hotel:

Are you ready for the answer? I traveled to…

West Palm Beach, Florida for my conference!

There is one thing that I learned while I met with other Heads of Schools from around the country that I wanted to share with you. Every single Head of School who I talked to said that their favorite time of the day is when they are doing something with students – just like me!

Have a great day,

Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn