October 18 Morning Message

Good Morning Creative Thinkers,

I have a riddle for you. What is the one language in the world that every single person can understand (even babies) when they listen to it?

Did you guess French? Spanish? German? English? Other languages? These are good guesses. The one language that is universal to all listeners is MUSIC! Do you get it? Just think about the amazing stories music can tell when you take the time to listen.

What does music sound like when a sad story is being told? What does it sound like when it makes you feel rushed? Can you think of any songs you have heard that make you feel happy? What was it about the music that told you it was joyful? Think about your musical feelings the next time you are listening and try to guess the story it is telling!

I hope you have an amazing day,

Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn