October 23 Morning Message

Happy Tuesday!

Recently I was on the playground and noticed some boys helping a classmate who needed some assistance bringing the zip-wire back to another friend waiting his turn. Later at lunch, I happened to notice two girls picking up sandwiches to take back to their classroom, and they each decided to carry a bag as they left the Dining Room. Which Beauvoir Life Rules do you think these students were thinking of when I saw them?

  • Respect?
  • Responsibility?
  • Honesty?
  • Kindness?

Tonight, at the dinner table, talk to your family and share at least one of the Life Rules you remembered to use at school this week. How did it make others feel? How did it make you feel inside? Did someone else happen to use the Life Rules in your presence? Share your stories so that others can see how important the Life Rules are for everyone!

Enjoy your day,

Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn