October 25 Morning Message

Dear Beauvoir Friends,

We have neared the end of another week and I bet many of you are already thinking of the weekend. Have you ever wondered who invented the weekend? In the early 1900’s, a factory owner named Henry Ford noticed that his workers were not able to do their best work unless they had time to take a break and rest their bodies and brains. He decided that Saturday and Sunday would be just enough time and so the weekend was invented! Do you think the weekend was a smart invention? Can you imagine what school would be like if you didn’t have time to rest or play? I am thankful for the weekend, aren’t you?

Today is another riddle day for you. Let’s see if I can stump you!
Can you figure out where in the world FRIDAY comes before THURSDAY?

Answer: In the Dictionary!

Finally, here are the answers to Wednesday’s Cathedral trivia:

112 Number of Gargoyles at the Cathedral
215 Number of stained-glass windows in the Cathedral
288 Number of angels atop the two west towers
10,650 Number of pipes in the Great Organ
418,000 Number of Cathedral visitors each year
83 Number of years it took to build the Cathedral

Have an awesome day,

Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn