Morning Message for November 9

You made it to another weekend and to the end of a fabulous book fair event! Thank you to all of the volunteer caregivers who gave of their time to make this such a success! I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday when I return from my conference.

Were you able to guess where Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn traveled? Let me share all of the clues once more:

  1. I have NOT traveled to Florida this trip.
  2. My plane flew south from Washington, D.C.
  3. The city has three A’s in its name.
  4. The city has the busiest airport in the world.

If you guessed Atlanta, Georgia, you were right! The conference was wonderful, and I learned a great deal. I look forward to sharing some of this information with our community members. Continue to stay tuned for the next time I travel out of town, super sleuths!


Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn