Morning Message for November 12

Dear Beauvoir Friends,

Welcome back to school. I sure missed you last week but heard from your teachers that your brains were getting some really good exercise. Did you know that we only have six more days of school left until we dismiss for the Thanksgiving holiday? I thought it might be a wonderful chance for our community to be creative around the message of being thankful and having gratitude. Over the next six days, you will have a chance to express your gratitude in a variety of ways. Simply read my morning messages each day and share your responses with me by dropping them in my “Mrs. Gibbs’ Gratitude Box” which will be found directly below the monitor in the Front Foyer. Both written and/or illustrated responses are welcomed!

Keep your eyes and ears open! You never know when or where your messages of thanks may show up!

Here is Monday’s Gratitude Challenge: “Filling someone’s bucket” is a common expression that is often used when someone is able to demonstrate small acts of kindness to others, making them feel respected, cared for and loved. Examples of filling someone’s bucket might include asking a lonely classmate to join you in a game at recess or helping a friend cheer up by telling a joke. Share one example of how you “filled someone’s bucket” recently through an act of kindness and place it in my Gratitude box.

Bucket filled with rainbow hearts and stars


Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn