Governing Board News and Updates

Beauvoir is very pleased to announce that Billy Kappaz has been appointed Governing Board Chair by the Governing Board and leadership of the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation. Billy has served as Beauvoir’s Interim Board Chair since September, and formerly served as Vice-Chair and Chair of the Finance Committee. You may read Billy’s bio here.

“I am honored to serve as the Chair of Beauvoir’s Governing Board where I sit alongside an extremely bright and dedicated group of men and women,” said Billy Kappaz. “These individuals contribute a tremendous amount of their valuable time for the sole purpose of helping the school achieve greater success. Together with this Board, a fabulous new Head of School, and some of the finest faculty in the world, I have no doubt that our future is bright, and every Beauvoir student will be given a foundation for great success in their school years and in life beyond.”

Along with Billy’s appointment, we are also excited to announce the new leadership structure of our Governing Board committees and Executive Committee:

  • Chair: William Kappaz
  • Vice-Chair: Michael Rankin
  • Secretary: Catherine Martin
  • Advancement Committee Co-Chairs: Alice Leiter and Kelvin Coleman
  • Finance Committee Chair: Scott Jaeckel
  • Building & Grounds Committee Chair: Stephen Hayes Smith
  • Governance Committee Chair: Catherine Martin

Beauvoir extends gratitude to Billy and all members of the Governing Board for the many ways they serve as champions for the school and help to ensure that our students receive the very best in early childhood education – “a foundation for great success in their school years and in life beyond.”