Morning Message for November 26

Welcome back from the holiday and thank you for making last week such a special one for me. I was so proud to watch you during Thanksgiving Chapel and it made my Installation one of the most memorable events in my life!

We have just a few more weeks until we break for the winter holiday and it will be important to keep our Life Rules in mind during a time that can be filled with excitement and anticipation. How can you demonstrate responsibility and respect? What does it look like to be honest and kind?

Over the holiday, I discovered some photos of former Beauvoir students who walked down these hallways many years ago and are now adults. Over the next twenty (20) school days before the winter holiday begins, I am going to share some of those photos with you. You will need to use your eagle eyes, sharp brain skills, and sense of wonder to see if you can answer some of my questions. Are you ready for the first one?

On the 20th Day Before Beauvoir’s Winter Break, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn shared with me:

Questions: What do you think is happening in this photo? What might this girl be thinking about at the moment? What emotion(s) do you think she is feeling? Why?