Morning Message for December 3

Dear Students,

Welcome back from the weekend and Happy Hanukkah to our friends who are celebrating this week!

Did you know that this week is considered the Hour of Code? Students from around the world will be deepening their experiences in computer science, problem solving, logic, and creativity.  I hope we can all learn something new!

We have more photos of alumni to share with you this week as we count down the days until the winter holiday. Here is Beauvoir’s Monday memory:

On the 15th Day Before Beauvoir’s Winter Break, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn shared with me:

Young girl conducting music class

Questions: What is the story being told in this photo? What clues would help you identify who might be leading and who might be following? How would you be feeling if you were the girl in this photo?


Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn