Morning Message for December 17

Dear Students,

You made it! We reached the week before we head off for winter vacation, and our Christmas Chapel will be this Friday. Are you ready? I am!

Did you know that Sunday evening was the first night of a special holiday from Mexico called Los Posadas? Each year from December 16 through December 25, people who celebrate this festival act out the Christmas story of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus.

People walk through their neighborhoods, carrying lanterns and a nativity scene, singing songs, and knocking on doors, pretending to search for an inn where Mary can give birth to the baby Jesus. When they finally get to the inn, they have a big feast, and they do this for nine nights.

MM 12.17.18

QUESTION: Does your family have any special festivals or traditions that you celebrate during the winter season? Share these with a friend or teacher today and see if they can make any special connections with you!

Have a great Monday,

Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn