Enroll Your Child in B-Time Now

By Mrs. Cindi Gibbs-Wilborn, Head of School

Welcome to 2019! How many of us have made our New Year resolutions? How capable do we think we are of keeping them for the next 365 days? As children return to school this week, I would like to add one more resolution to our list. There is a new class in high demand that will be offered to children of all ages this year that is a must-do for every family. I feel so strongly about this class that I will waive the enrollment fee for those who register within the next 30 days. No extra equipment needs to be purchased, no materials fees will be added on, and there are unlimited classes throughout the week once registered. In order to meet the needs of everyone, there will be flexible scheduling and the classes will be individually paced and accommodate multiple interests and learning styles. There is no minimum or maximum enrollment required and sessions run on a daily basis throughout the calendar year. I hope that you will not pass up this unique opportunity to have your child participate in B-Time and will register quickly!

The course description for B-Time is quite simple. I am offering this outlet to families based on the research of several renowned experts in the field: Elkind, Erikson, Ginsburg, Goodman, Vygotsky, Zigler, and countless others, who have closely studied the developmental needs, behaviors, and patterns of young children. Many have carefully recommended various interventions and resources to improve the chances of successful outcomes as these young people grow into adults and contributing citizens of the world. The research is clear and stresses an educational philosophy that is central to our work at Beauvoir: in addition to the skillful teaching provided by experts in the learning environment, children need more time to simply “be.” By doing so, we believe children will develop a lasting desire to learn as they independently engage all domains of their human growth and development in creative ways and direct their own pathways of learning.  Meaningful learning opportunities skyrocket when children are climbing, interacting, digging, negotiating, compromising, coping, drawing, song- writing, problem-solving, clay-making, running, reading, Lego-building, or simply daydreaming.

Frequently coined as free play, flow, creative license, downtime, or imaginative play, B-Time is essentially all of these! Therefore, I am inviting all families to create more space for B-Time (“Be Time”) this year. An added bonus to B-Time is that it requires no carpooling or shuttling your child from one location to the next. It can take place anywhere. Of course, please know that I am not asking families to give up the piano lessons, religious activities, language classes, soccer practice, dance, or other extracurriculars. Those certainly help our children develop deep passions that may last a lifetime. I am simply stressing that you must add more B-Time to your lives so that our children may develop a disposition, desire, and motivation to learn, seek out new knowledge, practice divergent thinking, and test their limits in a risk-free environment. The research is clear that B-Time is central to healthy growth and development.

Registration opens now. I hope you’ll join me!

Happy New Year,

Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn