Morning Message for January 24

Dear Students,

Happy Thursday! Do you wonder what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. might have been like as a young boy? Do you think he would have liked being a student at Beauvoir? I learned that he enjoyed playing the piano, reading, going to church, and singing. I wonder if he would have appreciated our Life Rules. What do you think?

As I thought about our Life Rules and the values that Dr. King held, I decided to ask some of the adult helpers at Beauvoir to think about some of the traits and values that they hope you will NEVER lose when you grow up. What do you think they shared with me? Look to the right and tell me which responses were the most popular this time. Why do you think this? What trait do you hope you will never lose?

Love, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn


When our Beauvoir friends grow up, what character trait do you hope they will hold onto the most?

mm 1.24.19