Morning Message for January 30

Dear Students,

Happy Wednesday! Were your predictions right about the snow and sleet last night? When did you figure this out? Mmmmm…..I wonder when our next snowfall will be?

Our Wednesday Child Hero is waiting to be introduced. After you read it on the right, try and identify the Life Rules that were a part of Kyle’s special story.

Love, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn

Wednesday’s Child Hero:

Kyle Forbes

mm 1.30.19

Five years ago, 10-year old Kyle Forbes was in a classroom alone with his teacher when he noticed that she began to choke on an apple she was eating. Kyle was a Boy Scout and had just learned how to do the Heimlich Maneuver, so he was able to give her the help he needed to dislodge the apple. Kyle was awarded a bravery badge by the Boy Scouts and a big hug of appreciation from his teacher for saving her life.

MATH MOMENT: About how old would Kyle Forbes be today?