85 Years and Counting

Our number-loving, calendar-following friends might already know that today marks our 85th school day of the year. But did you know that 85 has another special meaning to Beauvoir? This school year we celebrate our 85th anniversary.

Beauvoir was founded in 1933 as a coeducational primary school on the Cathedral grounds. Beauvoir’s Head of School Elizabeth Glascock Taylor and her faculty were motivated to do more than just instruct through memorization and recitation. Their mission was to make children’s education exciting, engaging, and hands-on, ensuring that students would be truly inspired to learn. Mrs. Taylor’s goal for her students? That they might “learn the joy of work well done.”

Each Friday from now through the end of the school year, we will share something special that celebrates our rich history. Please stay tuned to this blog and our social media feeds for these Friday photos, facts, stories, quotes, and more!

We are so grateful that you are a part of Beauvoir’s story.

From all of us to all of you – happy 85.

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