Sparking New Thinking

By Kristin Sharp, Beauvoir Parent and Parent Education Co-Chair

On Thursday, January 17, Beauvoir’s newly formed Parent Education Committee welcomed renowned (and local, she lives in Glover Park!) parent educator, Paige Trevor, to discuss the transitional issues that most trip up kids and families — the end of a playdate, morning breakfast/getting out the door routines, trying new foods, etc. The purpose of the Parent Education Committee is to spark new thinking about the mind, body, and heart of our children and the adults in our community.

Through a delightful combination of humor and empathy, Paige provided tips to the Beauvoir parent body. She skillfully got parents to open up about their most tense parenting moments while giving background information about the psychological development of children ages 4-9. By providing specific, actionable tips to parents to empower kids, grease the skids of family life, make the group feel some parenting solidarity, she’ll make all of our lives happier.

Cheers to Paige for a thoughtful and engaging session.  To connect with Paige, or to sign up for her parenting tips, email:  Many thanks to the Parent Education Committee for organizing this effort, and to Cindi Gibbs-Wilborn (Head of School) and Suzanna Kang (PA President) for kicking off the forum so beautifully!

Please save the date and join us on Monday, March 4 for our next Parent Education forum — a discussion with Washington Post reporter and author of OverwhelmedBrigid Schulte, on centering one’s life and work with purpose and calm in a frenetic world.

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