Morning Message for February 1

Dear Students,

Happy Friday! We made it to another weekend. I wonder how many of you will sleep in tomorrow morning? I love to sleep in late on Saturdays!

I hope you have enjoyed Child Hero Week and learned something new about some young heroes around us. Maybe you were inspired to do something heroic!

Our last hero of the week is Maya S. Penn. At the young age of 10, Maya began designing products that were eco-friendly, attractive, and creative. She won the attention of many important people, and quickly became known as an outspoken social-entrepreneur, global activist, filmmaker, philanthropist, and founder of her own fashion brand, Maya’s Ideas. She received a special commendation from former President Barack Obama for her outstanding environmental stewardship, and is also the author of a book, “You Got This”, written for aspiring young leaders.

Friday’s Child Hero:

Maya S. Penn

MM 2.1.19