85th Anniversary Spotlight: World Mindedness

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On March 8, Beauvoir will celebrate the culmination of this year’s Global Studies program with our annual Museum Night, where students design and present interactive exhibits about their areas of study.

Global Studies is part of a long tradition of “world mindedness” at Beauvoir. Elizabeth Glascock Taylor, Beauvoir’s first Head of School, coined the phrase “world mindedness” after World War II. She believed in educating children about the similarities of people and instilling within students a feeling of cooperation and respect. Students studied the homes, food, clothing, music and games of children in other countries. They examined dolls, coins, and handicrafts from all over the world. They read folktales and wrote their own stories in response. They painted flags, made costumes, designed murals, and created exhibits – all with “world mindedness” as the focus.

Globe photo

Beauvoir friends preparing a project for World Mindedness in the 1950s