Welcoming Beauvoir’s New Chaplain

Dear Beauvoir Community,
We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Beauvoir’s new Chaplain, the Rev. Dr. Lisa Barrowclough. She will join Beauvoir on July 1, 2019. Please click here to read her bio.
I offer my deepest gratitude to Rev. Claudia Tielking, our 2018-2019 Interim Chaplain, who has served Beauvoir and the Close community gracefully and capably during her tenure, now and in her previous roles at Beauvoir and St. Albans. We look forward to celebrating Claudia and her many contributions as we close out the school year!
Lisa was kind enough to participate in a Q&A as a special Beauvoir greeting message. We hope you enjoy.
Welcome to Beauvoir, Lisa! We can’t wait to share our many “beautiful views” with you in the years to come.
Cindi Gibbs-Wilborn, Head of School
1. What did you notice in your first visit with Beauvoir students, families, faculty, and staff?
I’d like to thank everyone for a delightful day visiting Beauvoir in mid-February! My thoughts about my time focus on three words: Intentional, Insightful, Inspirational. First, I was very impressed with the intentional nature of leadership from the faculty, families, and other adults I met. Everyone demonstrated philosophical and values-based commitments in the things they said and did. Beauvoir practices what it preaches! Next, I sat in awe of the students’ reflections on my sample lessons, as they shared insights that they had clearly developed in very short periods of time. It was obvious (and a delight!) to me that Beauvoir children are reflective learners and thinkers, and this made me long to work in the environment. Lastly (and it may seem hasty for me to express this last observation after such a brief time among you), I feel very strongly that I spent the day with children who just may heal and change our world. Their encouragement of one another and their zeal for welcoming and learning will take them far in life, and I’m overwhelmed by the call to be a part of their stories.
2. What inspires you about Beauvoir’s early childhood model?
Everything I needed to know about architecture I learned in educational philosophy and practice class! The purpose, beauty, stability, and effectiveness of a building are entirely dependent on the certainty of the foundation, and so it is with each of us. The years of teaching and learning through the Third Grade are foundational, and on them are built the purpose, passions, abilities, and character of a person. That Beauvoir is able to focus in on these formative years—to know and notice each and every child at times in their lives when their needs and their growth are so important—is an incredible blessing to families, and to teachers who are called to work at the foundational level. I consider it an awesome honor and privilege to be invited into the life of a child at this precious and promising time.
3. We can’t wait to join you for Chapel! What makes these community gatherings so special?
In a world that is fast-paced, noisy, and relentlessly connected, one of the greatest gifts an Episcopal School can give its students, faculty, and families is the opportunity to slow down, be quiet, and unplug, all while making a joyful noise and connecting with one another, with God, and with communities of faith all over the world, who also gather with similar purpose in a vast diversity of ways. I enjoy and facilitate worship that includes everyone and involves as many as possible through the sharing of their gifts and passions. Music, effectively woven through the liturgy, engages us all, while ceremony sets the time and space apart as sacred. My preaching is the kind I like to hear—relatable, challenging, and informed by the seasons, celebrations, mission, values, and concerns of the community gathered. Finally, we pray, giving thanks for our countless blessings, bringing to one another and to God our needs and the needs of the world, and seeking the strength and hope to face, with grace, the days ahead.
4. How do you hope to integrate the Beauvoir Life Rules and our diversity of faith stories into the life of the school?
The rich diversity of faiths and cultures represented at Beauvoir is one of the things that excites me most about this move because growing up in a suburb of Toronto, I am most at home where I can experience, learn, and be enriched by others. I am eager to meet the leaders of the faith communities represented at Beauvoir, and build relationships with them as colleagues and friends. Together, we can model for students the respect and kindness that the community values, and weave our stories and traditions into the curriculum where appropriate. I also look forward to joining students, faculty, and families in service to the larger community. I see many opportunities to learn about local needs and dream/plan together ways to exercise our shared responsibility to reach out.
5. Do you have a special memory from your own early childhood years? 
I remember my childhood with fondness, but it is not events or locations that come to mind, so much as particular people. My memories are of men and women who were present to me; they noticed me, took an interest in what I did and cared about, and invested in my well-being and growth. These special people, who challenged me to be a better person and helped me to become one, will never be forgotten. They are models of the very kind of person I strive to be in my life and ministry.