85th Anniversary Spotlight: A Special Alumni Visit

Once a Beauvoir bear, always a Beauvoir bear! For Brewster Taylor, class of ’59, being a part of the Beauvoir family means something extra special; his grandmother was our first Head of School, Elizabeth Glascock Taylor.

Today we were honored to welcome Mr. Taylor for a Beauvoir visit. Much has changed since he was a student (even the building itself), but the magic of Beauvoir that he remembered during his time as a student is still very much alive today. Mr. Taylor started his visit by talking to a third grade class about their experiences and was able to share with them some of the similarities and differences he saw in the lives of students 60 years apart. For example, today’s third graders learned that while Mr. Taylor never played the recorder in music class, he did participate in lessons focused on Global Mindedness, just like they do. Mr. Taylor was also able to participate in the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten chapel service that was held in Taylor Hall (which is aptly named for his grandmother)! Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn shared this special prayer at the conclusion of the service:

O God of light and life and love: we give you thanks for this new day, giving each of us, your children, an opportunity to blossom just like a flower blooming in the Spring. Help us to see each challenge we face, each mistake we make as a chance to learn and grow with the help of our faithful gardeners; parents, teachers, family, and friends. And on this day, as we celebrate Beauvoir’s 85 years of service to children and families in the Washington area, we offer special thanksgiving for Mrs. Elizabeth Glascock Taylor, Beauvoir’s first Head of School, who faithfully tended her flowers in this garden we call home, helping generations of children to grow and thrive, guiding children to become just what God wants them to be. All these our prayers and thanksgivings we offer in the Name of God, who creates us each, gifted and unique, and loves us each the same. Amen.

“It is simply not possible to express how much it meant to me to be back at Beauvoir after all these years and to meet the wonderful people who are there now.” Mr. Taylor said after his visit.  Mr. Taylor also caught up with fellow Beauvoir alum, our very own librarian Mrs. Ashley Simpson! Mrs. Simpson and Mr. Taylor reminisced about how their brothers were best friends during their Beauvoir days, reminding us all that even as we grow, the friendships we make during these formative years stay in our memories for a lifetime.

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