3rd Graders Making Real World Change!

The 3rd graders in Ms. Carlson and Ms. Toppin’s class have some opinions they would like to share! As part of a student-led lesson on persuasive writing, each student researched a topic they were interested in and wrote an essay to convince the reader of their position! Ms. Carlson and Ms. Toppin then challenged students to identify relevant recipients for these essays and just before Spring Break, they sent their letters out into the world to hopefully make a positive impact and engender some change!

Upon their return from break, students were crossing their fingers that their letters had been read and that someone might respond. For a few students, that is exactly what happened! The DC City Council responded to a letter about pet adoption with a letter of their own praising the student’s advocacy and her well-thought through arguments.  The US Department of Education responded to another letter about the start times of high school with guidance for reaching the correct department that might be able to implement this change.

This student-led lesson highlights so many of Beauvoir’s Core Values. These students followed their curiosity by choosing topics that they were personally interested in, employed their creativity by shaping their written arguments, and displayed their courage by mailing these letters out to stakeholders and community members.

Thank you to all of our community members for taking the time to inspire our students and to allow their voices to be heard. We cannot wait to see who else responds to the Tapir class and their letters!

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