Second Grade Goes for Gold at the Gym Show!

Second graders haven’t just been hanging around this year.


They have been reaching new heights,


finding the right balance,

IMG_2786 (2)

learning to lean on their friends,


taking new leaps,


and after working hard for months, this year’s annual second grade gym show was a slam dunk!


Thank you to all the classes, family members, teachers, staff, and friends who helped prepare our students for this beloved Beauvoir showcase and showed up to cheer them on. And a very special thank you to our PE teachers, Ms. Bliss and Ms. Cox! Ms. Cox will be retiring from Beauvoir this year after 37 years of service. We celebrate all she has done and the experiences she has been able to create for so many students. Our second grade friends couldn’t contain their gratitude and put up their special thank you high in the sky!


A big Beauvoir shout out to second grade and all of the work you have put in for this show! Now, it’s time to take a bow!




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