Announcing Our Next Parents Association President

On behalf of everyone at Beauvoir, thank you to all our volunteers for giving their time and talents to support the school this past school year. Your efforts have made a difference and will have a lasting impact on the entire Beauvoir community—both now and for classes of students to come. I will be hosting a celebration breakfast at my home at the end of May for all PA volunteers, and I look forward to reflecting on and celebrating a fantastic year together. An invitation is forthcoming!

I would especially like to thank one parent volunteer, Suzanna Kang, for her devoted service to Beauvoir during the last two years as President of the Parents Association. Suzanna has led our amazing group of parent volunteers and helped to implement new PA initiatives to strengthen our parent community and to ensure a more efficient operation of the organization.  As mother to Nate Hanbury in Third Grade and Beauvoir alumna and Seventh Grader at NCS, Amelia Hanbury, Suzanna has been serving in various roles on the Parents Association for the past nine years—an incredibly impressive tenure—and I am deeply grateful for her impact on our community.

Suzanna’s term will end on June 30, and I am very pleased to announce that Cara Hur will serve as the next President of the Parents Association. Cara is the mother to Phoebe Hur in First Grade; Beauvoir alumna and Fourth Grader at NCS, Lucy; and STA Form 1 student Jacob. Cara currently serves as one of our Service Coordinators on the Parents Association Executive Committee and has served in various roles in the PA in the past, including co-chair of several PA service committees, room helper, library aide, art aide, and Auction volunteer. Cara has also volunteered with Admissions, serving as a tour guide for prospective families and as a buddy family for new families to the Beauvoir community.

PA President Photo

Cara Hur and Suzanna Kang

Cara is eager to put together a leadership team for next year’s PA. Interested parents may contact Cara directly ( Please stay tuned for a message from Cara and an updated online Parent Association Interest Form in the coming weeks. I encourage all our parents to think ahead to the fall and consider making time to be involved next year in our PA. Even the smallest contribution of time will go a long way in supporting and enriching our Beauvoir community.

Please join me in thanking Suzanna and welcoming Cara as the next Parents Association President!


Cindi Gibbs-Wilborn