Kindergarten Flea Market

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The Kindergarten Flea Market is a much-anticipated highlight of Kindergarten and has been an annual tradition at Beauvoir for more than eighteen years! This event is a fun way to integrate students’ study of coins in math with the Ecology unit in science.

Typically, this event falls near Earth Day and our Kindergarten students learn about ways they can help the Earth through reducing, reusing, and recycling: students even create items out of recycled and reusable materials which they then sell to one another on the Kindergarten Deck! This year our students made fabric bowls, CD mobiles, recycled crayons, and planted herbs in reused milk cartons.

Yesterday, during the actual Flea Market, the Kindergarten friends took turns buying and selling items. Each item could be bought using a combination of pennies, nickels, and dimes, providing students with the opportunity to practice both their coin identification and money exchanging skills!

All proceeds from the Kindergarten Flea Market will go to support the All Hallows Guild, which oversees and maintains the grounds of the Close, including Olmsted Woods and the Bishop’s Garden.

Thank you so much to all of the Beauvoir community members who were able to come out and make this annual tradition a success for this year’s Kindergarten students!