Morning Message for May 8

Good Math Morning! It seems that I can’t fool you! If you guessed that the author of yesterday’s message was Ms. Desaulniers, congratulations! I am going to have to make these a bit more challenging. Here are your clues for the author of today’s Morning Message.

She taught third grade for eight years in room 435.
Her favorite playground activity are the swings.
She loves ice cream especially cookies and cream and strawberry!
She is native Washingtonian and has been to the top of the Washington Monument!
She loves to make jumps on the open number line when solving subtraction problems.

I Miss You,
Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn


Happy Wednesday! This is the third day of Teacher Appreciation Week. Appreciation is a big word that means to recognize or thank! We can give thanks to all the teachers who are in our lives both inside of school and outside. As you move through different places and spaces today, how many times can you say thank you to a teacher? I challenge you to say thank you at least four times!