Morning Message for May 9

Buenos Dias! It is almost the weekend! Did you guess who wrote yesterday’s Morning Message? If you guessed Mrs. Chounoune, you were really using your noodle. Today I have some more clues for you about our Morning Greeter. Stay sharp and have a great day!

This person has one dog named Jersey and she is a Chocolate Lab.
This person’s two favorite children’s books are 
Goodnight Moon and My Side of the Mountain
This person has lived in three different states that start with the letter “M”:
(Michigan, Massachusetts and Maryland)
This person lives with a family of four and they are all at Beauvoir!

Love, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn



This week you have been thinking about the many ways your teachers have been helpful to you.  Now think of ways YOU can teach others! What could you do today that helps someone else? Perhaps you could teach a new recess game or introduce someone to a really great book. Maybe you could come up with a new greeting for Morning Meeting or share about a topic you are passionate about at lunch time. You can also teach by example and show others how you calmly pass through the hallways or try your best even when something is hard. There are many ways to be a teacher!