Morning Message for May 10

We have reached the weekend, friends!

Did you enjoy having my guest greeters this week? Were you able to figure out Thursday’s author? If you guessed Mr. Mackay, you are on a roll! Today’s final message comes from someone you might recognize. If you have not wished this person a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week yet, this would be a great day to do so! I look forward to seeing you next week, friends!

Love, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn

This person tried out to be on the U.S. Olympic Water Polo Team.
If this person wasn’t a teacher, she would want to be a mermaid.
This person’s first name rhymes with “banana”.
This person’s last name rhymes with the color of a banana.


Good Morning, Friends!  Do you know who I am? J  I have waited all week to write you this message!  The message that I want to share with you today is:

Another way to say “thank you” is to say “I’m grateful for…”  For example, “I’m grateful for you because you teach me every day.”  What are you grateful for?  Can you try to say, “I’m grateful for…” and choose your own ending to this sentence?  Try it now right after you read this message!

Have a wonderful Friday!   Love, your mystery author