Morning Message for September 9

Dear Friends,
Welcome back from what I surely hope was a wonderful weekend! Are you ready for your first full week of school? I sure am!

This Friday is our first Spirit Day. All week long, in honor of our favorite colors, “Green & White”, I will be sharing various nuggets of Beauvoir information that you may find interesting. I am really looking forward to learning new things with you this year!

Love, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn

Did you know that Beauvoir used to be a piece of property with a large family home? In 1907, it was purchased by a former Senator from Nevada named George E. Nixon for his summer residence, 26 years before it eventually became the most amazing school for young students.

Can you imagine what it might have felt like to live in the house that eventually became Beauvoir? 
Where do you think children may have enjoyed playing outside?
Can you spot the Beauvoir driveway?