Morning Message for October 23

Happy Wednesday Friends!
I am so glad to be back from my trip and could not wait to see your smiling, KIND faces this morning! How many ways can you show KINDNESS today? Were you able to guess where I traveled last week? If you were following me each day, below are the clues I shared:

The distance from Washington, D.C. to my conference city is 666 miles south.
This state has an official wild animal that many of us have seen before. It usually likes to come out at night.
The state where my conference is located in has NINE letters in its name.
The city has NINE letters in its name.
There is a combination of SEVEN vowels in both the city and state.
One of my children’s favorite candies was invented in this state.
Beauvoir’s own Mrs.
Suzich was born in this state. Picture3

If you guessed Nashville, Tennessee, you were right!! You surely are smart thinkers!
Love, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn