Morning Message for November 4

Dear Friends,
Welcome back from the long weekend! Did you notice how much the temperature changed over the past few days? Do you think that means that winter is right around the corner? We finally made it to the month of November! In a few weeks, many of us will be celebrating a holiday that involves food and family, Thanksgiving.

November also happens to be a month where different foods are celebrated as special holidays, and this week we will learn about just a few of them.

Love, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn


Did you know…

November is Banana Pudding Lovers Month?

Created by the Rodgers’ Pudding company in Chesapeake, Virginia, Banana Pudding Lovers Month

gives us an opportunity to pay tribute to one of Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn’s favorite desserts! Did you know that there is even an annual two-day National Banana Pudding Festival and Cook-Off to celebrate this special day? What is your favorite dessert?