Morning Message for November 19

Dear Friends,

Today is another day on our calendar: the 19th day of the 11 month of the 2019th year. Have you ever considered that there might be different ways to track time or keep a calendar? Historically, many cultures have used calendars, but they may look very different depending on where you live. The Lakota people or the people of Standing Rock are one of the first original indigenous tribes who lived in North America before the Europeans arrived. Also known as the Great Sioux Nation, they primarily lived in North and South Dakota. Lakota and Dakota mean “friends” or “allies.” The Lakota calendar looked very different from ours. Read below to see how they kept track of time and seasons.

Love, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn


Fast Facts:
Lakota Moon Calendar

Each year has 13 moons.

Each moon is 28 days long.

Each day represents a sacred part of tribal culture.

Nearly all tribal calendars begin in spring.

Every three years, an additional moon is added to the calendar.