Morning Message for December 16

Dear Students,

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. This week, we will count down the last final days before our winter recess begins. You were very good at figuring out my jingles last week, so I have decided to take my morning messages to a new level! This week, I will feature some mystery photos that may look familiar to you. All of the photos have come from Beauvoir’s own LOST AND FOUND closet near the gymnasium. Look closely and see if you recognize any items that may belong to you or a friend.

Tell your families that the last day to collect the lost and found items will be this Friday. All left over clothing will be cleared out and delivered to a local donation center for needy children. Find time this week to pay the closet a visit and see if you are in luck!

Have a great day,
Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn

On the fourth day ‘fore winter break. Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn gave to me 4 coats with some soft, puffy sleeves.


You can find these in Beauvoir’s lost and found!