Morning Message for January 14

Good morning! Have you ever heard someone use the word “extraordinary”? What do you think it means? The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was considered an extraordinary man by many who knew him because he was able to use his peaceful voice to create change for the better on a global level. Dr. King felt strongly that peace and equality were rights everyone deserved and that standing up for what you believed in could be done using many of our Beauvoir Life Rules.

When Dr. King was a young child just like you, his family and friends would say that he was actually quite ordinary, as he was interested in many of the same things that children today are interested in. Called Mike or M.L. as a child, Dr. King was very smart and hardworking, and yet he was mischievous at times too!

Did you know…

  • M.L. sometimes would pop the heads off his sister’s dolls and use them as baseballs.
  • M.L. struggled with his speech in school but worked hard to improve. He grew up to be one of the greatest speakers in history.
  • M.L. once tried to frighten his friends by tying a fox tail to a stick, pushing it through a fence, and wiggling it as they walked down the street.