Morning Message for March 5

Dear Students,

We have almost made it through the end of the week and tomorrow is the big day: MUSEUM NIGHT!!!

You have been working so hard and have learned so much about your areas of study. I cannot wait to see all there is to learn tomorrow night as you serve as docents for your families and friends. Pride is a word that is often used to name a feeling that you have when you are extremely pleased with your work, performance and accomplishments. Here are some examples of when you might feel pride:

1. You hit your first home run in a baseball game after devoting a lot of time to batting practice.

2. You play in your annual piano recital and perform before a large crowd of family members and friends.

Love, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn


Can you think of a recent time in your life when you felt pride? When was it?

When was the last time one of your family members showed pride for something you did?

How did it make you feel?