The Magic of a Snow Day

February 1, 2021

It is hard to ignore the beauty of a fresh snowfall. Snow days are special days that, even after half a century, I recall from my childhood.

As children, my siblings and I watched the heavy, wet snowflakes fall outside our window, eager to get outdoors equipped with snowsuits and boots. The days were filled with unexpected surprises and moments simply because there was no schedule to follow and nowhere to go! Whether it was an indoor game of Monopoly that lasted all day with my family or an outdoor sled race with neighbors, snow days were special, filled with strong doses of Vitamin D, fresh air, and endless amounts of play.

Time froze still, literally and figuratively, as I created unanticipated memories while learning important skills such as negotiation, preservation, resiliency, scientific reasoning, cooperation, measurement, craftsmanship, and appreciation. I hope we may find some moments to capture, this week!