For the Love of Clay!

By Kaitlyn Hay, Visual Arts Teacher Ask any student—many will respond that their favorite project in art involved clay. There is something about clay that both excites and calms, challenges and flows, engages and sets free. Beauvoir students will work with clay multiple times per year, and not just any clay. Polymer clays and Model…

Welcoming New Faculty & Staff

September 4 may be the first official day of school, but today is a first day too – we’re kicking off orientation for our newest Beauvoir faculty and staff members. We’re so excited to welcome new friends and learn together in the year to come!

Beauvoir Team Attends Diversity Institute

This week we were so pleased to send ten Beauvoir faculty members to the NPS Diversity Institute, featuring Rosetta Lee. Rosetta is both a teacher and professional outreach specialist at the Seattle Girls School. Since 2004 she has been a diversity speaker and trainer and has worked with over 200 K-12 schools, colleges, and universities….