Morning Message for January 11

Dear Students, Happy Friday! It felt as if our first week back went by very quickly, wouldn’t you agree? It is finally the weekend and we can slow down a bit, relax, and let our creative juices flow! In fact, did you know that this Sunday (1/13) is “Follow Your Dreams Day” ? Why not…

Morning Message for January 10

Welcome Back Friends, Did you know that smiling is good for your brains? That’s right! Scientists who study the brain have figured out that smiling can help bad moods melt away because it changes the chemistry of your brain and leads you to feel happy. Another thing that makes me smile and happy is chocolate….

Morning Message for January 9

Dear Students, Welcome to our first Math Morning in the New Year! In honor of Math Morning, here is my math stumper of the day: If I wanted to make a pattern using today’s date, what would the next four numbers in the sequence be? 1/9/2019 ____ ____ ____ ____ Today is also National Take…

Morning Message for January 8

Happy Tuesday! As I walked through the building yesterday I noticed that most of you have grown over the past two weeks. What healthy foods were you eating over the break to help you get taller? Tuesday is another wacky holiday for us: Bubble Bath Day! Calendar makers don’t know the origin of this special…

“Sara, Stop Singing!” The Advice I Never Took

When I was a child, I sang all the time – even my mom couldn’t convince me to take a break. (You won’t be surprised to learn that this trait has followed me into adulthood!) Music has always been an outlet for me, and I decided to make it my life’s work to share it with others.